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Lovingly prepared handmade desserts to finish your meal with something sweet & indulgent. Or if you prefer how about a cheese selection or for a healthier option a fruit platter.

Hot dessert ideas

• Treacle Tart
• Apple Flan
• Bread & butter pudding
• Fruit crumble
• Apricot upside down pudding
• Toffee & banana crumble
• Warm chocolate mascarpone cheesecake Contains Nuts
• Chocolate pecan pie
• Raspberry & rhubarb custard tart
• Orange & strawberry shortcake
• Bakewell slice
• Waffle berry pudding


Cold Desserts

• Fresh Fruit Salad GF
• Profiteroles with Chocolate sauce
• Apple & Cinnamon Flan
• Fruit Pavlova GF
• Sherry or Raspberry or mars bar Trifle
• Lemon Posset GF
• Millionaire’s Tart
• Lemon, Lime or Raspberry Torte
• Chocolate and cranberry roulade
• Hazelnut & Mango Roulade GF
• Crème Brulee with fresh Raspberries GF
• Lemon meringue roulade GF
• Hazelnut Raspberry Meringue GF
• Homemade Cheesecake - Chocolate, Lemon, Strawberry, Raspberry, Rum & Raisin,
White Chocolate


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More menus are available on request, and if menus do not suit tastes or budget a more suitable menu can be created.
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